Procurement of professional services can take anywhere from 6 to 18 months in large organizations. This can mean lost revenue, decreased productivity, and delivery delays. Some may  consider this the cost of doing business to ensure secure infrastructure and proper onboarding of global resources, to our client, an enterprise technology solutions provider, it was no longer justified. Our task was to understand clients needs and map the enterprise procurement and onboarding journey and help define strategy to reduce time to value. 


We identified multiple personas who play  a role across the procurement to value delivery continuum. Our audience were people involved along this journey within Fortune 500 companies and we needed to understand, both, the needs and perspective of users and stakeholders to develop a strategy that would deliver change to create the desired impact within industry. 


Through our research strategy we uncovered needs, policies, and organizational structures that directly affect the procurement to value delivery continuum. We interviewed and led mapping exercises with managers and leaders from across large multinational organizations with a large IT footprint and ongoing resource requirements. Working directly with users and gatekeepers, we mapped the current state and identified strategic opportunities and a vision that transformed remote work and IT security.

Value delivered

Research and product strategy that directly engaged users, stakeholders, and resources involved across the procurement to value delivery continuum. 

User stories for an Alpha Minimum Viable Product (MVP)  backlog supported by product prototypes and research artifacts including personas, journey maps, and feature prioritization.

Customer validated product roadmap reducing time to value from 6-18 months down to 2-8 weeks.

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